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Patty Cakes Delicious Cakes

Patty Cake's The Best Cakes In The Triad "cakes, pies and much more"

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ACFT Presents, Patty - Cake's, and we would like to thank you for making us your #1 choice. An additonal $5.00 will be added to each item for nuts, fruit, etc. Please leave your name and describe the type of cake in the box below. As you browse our catalog, you will see that we have everything from Sweet Carolina Carrot Cake to our delicious #1 best-selling Sweet Potato Pie. Once again thank you for choosing Patty Cakes Desserts.

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ACFT, Presents, Patty - Cakes,​ and we would like to thank you for making us your number 1 choice. Patty Cakes take pride and excellence in making our food using the finest ingredient; and to assure you with an experience that would make you want to say more please!!



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